Funding Guidelines

The Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation was founded on a vision to promote charitable, educational, and scientific purposes by making grants to organizations primarily in California. The Borchard Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests from organizations.  The Foundation prioritizes six areas for funding in addition to grants for the educational and research programs in its three Centers.  Each prioritized area outside those of our three Centers is described below:

Elimination of Poverty

Grants that address the elimination of poverty are given to organizations that provide food and nutrition programs, case management, and supportive housing for homeless individuals. In addition, the Foundation funds organizations that inform policymakers and opinion leaders about the issues of poverty.

Youth Development

Youth development grants are given to organizations that provide services to youth (under 21 years) with a focus on education, mentoring programs, and after-school programs for at-risk, disabled or under-served youth populations.

Health and Medicine

Health and human services grants are given to organizations that provide comprehensive health care services. Through our investments to our grantees, we seek to improve the health and healthcare of all who may directly benefit from funded services.


Grants for education are given to organizations that provide educational programs, scholarships, internships, and fellowships. Grants are given to organizations that provide K-12, undergraduate and graduate educational services.

The Arts

Arts grants are commonly given to organizations that provide programs related to music, art, creative writing, and dance programs.

The Environment

Environmental grants target environmental awareness activities and programs to improve the environment.

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